Against Global Warming in Urban Areas

Written by on 7. Juni 2022

The intercultural lecture „Europe On Air – EUROA“ in cooperation with six Partner-Universities eventually could take place this year, in Vienna 2022. Students from Antwerp (Belgium), Helsinki (Finnland), Vienna (Austria) and Tbilissi (Giorgia) were researching, interviewing and producing radiofeatures in within the topic „Against Global Warming in Urban Areas“. Lecturers and Jury Members from CEU Madrid and Sofia University (Bulgaria) were handing in their professional advice.

“We can’t save the world by playing by the rules, because the rules have to be changed. Everything needs to change – and it has to start today.” This is one of Greta Thunbergs quotes when she has been referring to the urgency of climate action in a TEDx Stockholm event in December 2018.

Also students from around Europe could give their impact on stopping the rapid global warming by displaying advantages or disadvantages in urban areas. Five intercultural groups took their chance and looked deeper into diverse subthemes like Mobility, Green Housing, Open Spaces, Sustainable Energies and Cool Vienna – searching for potential perspectives to cope the world wide climate crises in various sectors. Altough the Viennese City Government and their climate projects were taken into consideration, there has been always a critical eye into certain actions, which were already taken or still need to be taken urgently, not just climate experts emphasise.


The full length Radioshow aired on the educational Radiostation of the FHWien, Radio Radieschen 91.3, is possible to listen on demand here:

Before EUROA could start in presense in Vienna, each group of University students has been producing a radiofeature about their own country i.e. their own city. They were reflecting on climate initiatives or topics who could display future possibilities or urban necessities where still some progressive change needs to be done. Here are the productions of the different Universities:

AP-University (Antwerp):

Haaga-Helia-University (Helsinki):

FHWien University (Vienna):

GIPA University (Tbilissi):

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